My dogs

My dogs
All together in spirit: Back row L-R Gemma, Maddi, Bruno, Kizzy, Charlie and on front row L-R, TJ, Tommy, Sami, Lotte and Bliss. Maddi is the only one who knew all of the others.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My first Post

At last I have set up my blog. It must be Lotte's fault.

Lotte is the latest edition to our family. She is a very special girl indeed as she arrived in our home just one year to the day that my guardian angel TJ left us.
You will hear all about TJ shortly along with all of the other of my 10 dogs that I have owned and loved.

Lotte is a black standard poodle who is just 11 weeks old. She is an absolute joy and I am in love all over again despite her only being here for almost 4 days - well it is actually 3 days, 20 hours and 5 minutes. See, I know to the minute when she set foot inside the front door.

I met her at about 1 p.m. along with her brothers and sisters, then once we knew she was coming home with us, I couldn't stop thinking about her over lunch. It was a great lunch but all I wanted to do was put Lotte in the car and take her home.

Will be posting more about Lotte later.


Anonymous said...

Lotte is just so gorgeous Pam. You have so much fun in store, but then you already know that. TJ and Maddi would so approve.

Susie said...

She's so cute, a good addition to the family. I bet you are glad you waited - right dog at the right time.