My dogs

My dogs
All together in spirit: Back row L-R Gemma, Maddi, Bruno, Kizzy, Charlie and on front row L-R, TJ, Tommy, Sami, Lotte and Bliss. Maddi is the only one who knew all of the others.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lotte is starting to grow up

Well the last few weeks have once more been about sorting out dog problems. All 3 started with what I shall politely call the poobums almost 3 weeks ago. Tommy first, followed 2 days later by Lotte and unfortunately Charlie picked up their bug 2 days following Lotte. Another vet visit for Charlie and Lotte and some great paste for all of them - canicur - which did indeed stop all the problems a couple of days later. Can highly recommend it.

Haha - poor David, the vet, got "Lottied". Lotte took a great liking to him and threw her "arms" round him to hug him. Fortunately he was really nice. We really are so lucky with our vets. Adam is such a gem too.

Charlie then was ok for a few days and then not so great. Looks like she may have cystitis. If things don't clear up fully, we may need to investigate further - well this is the Royal "we" seeing as I am not the vet. Worst case scenario is some sort of growth, so hoping - and praying - very hard that all is well. Poor Charlie really doesn't want anything else to go wrong. Luckily she seems to bounce back well so far.

So, on to Lotte and seeing her growing up fast now. It was time she had her hair sorted out. Apart from my Sami - first standard I owned on my own - all the rest have all been in a puppy show trim for a while and though I didn't think I would be showing Lotte, I still grew her hair. Well it has certainly grown and she had a good coat on her - not in the best of shapes though as the pipes froze outside before Xmas and she hasn't had a bath for several months. That is my excuse anyway.

Now, who would you go to if you needed a good haircut for a poodle ? Yes, only the best for our Lotte. Of we toddled to our very good friend Marita's with Nanny Miller (Carole, Maddi's breeder and wonderful friend) sat with the drooling Lotte on the back seat. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW. My girl has now been transformed into a very stylish young lady. Boy does her new trim suite her. Marita was very patient - as always - and performed her magic.
See what you think from the before and afters

Before 1
Lotte has just been brushed and wants to have fun

Before 2  
On the table prior to being bathed.

Had some hair cropped off first before bathing - no point drying hair you don't need to.


 After 1
Now what a difference a few hours and a steady hand makes. Didn't I do a good job ? Hum, no, it wasn't me, it was Marita of course.

Mind you she does have Tommy
(CH Montravia Tommy-Gun) watching over her shoulder while she does it
After 2
What a beauty. Ok so I am biased -  not ashamed to admit it. She is though, beautiful in ever way.
Have to admit that I took her out training her today. When I got home, I realised it was me that needed
 re-training. Not her. She is a total natural.
Maybe, just maybe she will get to a show this year after all.
I hope Buddy's Dad, Don, doesn't mind me quoting him, when he said: " She is beautiful and she knows it. She looks so proud of herself. Wonder how they know when they look so great? They seem to carry themselves differently "

Don, I couldn't agree more. What is it about these beautiful creatures that makes them stand out? I cannot imagine my life without standard poodles. To know one is not just to love one, it is to learn what life is all about from an intelligent creature who always loves you, no matter what. They understand what life is about far better than I do. Just wish they could live forever, or at least stay with me for all of my life. They are in my heart and in my soul.

Just have to add also about the joys that friends bring - Carole, Marita - it was like old times again when we used to go to the dog shows. Thankyou to Carole for helping out with Lotte on the day and a huge thankyou to Marita for sorting out my girl. It was also lovely to catch up with Lotte's super brothers and sisters. Can't wait now for Crufts.

p.s. In case anyone is wondering, one other reason why Carole and Marita are so special to me is that I got Maddi from Carole and Kizzy, TJ, Charlie, Tommy and Lotte from Marita ! AND, my heart dog, Bruno, was bred by me from my Bliss to Marita's Tommy Gun. Oh and Carole got Pudsey Bear from Marita too. More than enough reasons I think - plus the fact that they are also very nice people.

p.p.s. My other special friend, Auntie - alias Karen - is currently down under in the Land of Oz. I have never had a dog off her, as she has only has ever bred rats !! But, she is Godmother to a number of them (dogs that is), so that sort of counts !

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KRISTINA said...

I love poodles, they are not dogs, but almost people! very smart!
I love the poodle a haircut!