My dogs

My dogs
All together in spirit: Back row L-R Gemma, Maddi, Bruno, Kizzy, Charlie and on front row L-R, TJ, Tommy, Sami, Lotte and Bliss. Maddi is the only one who knew all of the others.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Catching Up

It is ages since I posted so I thought today I would catch up a bit.
Since my last posting, I have been to Crufts; celebrated first 6 months, then a year with Charlie still being well; celebrated Lotte's first birthday; been on a march and this summer have become the proud owner of 3 new chickens.

The best news for me is that Charlie is still with us over a year since becoming ill. She goes back to see Adam on Tuesday for a checkup. Her last blood tests 2 months ago with Mark were good and showed just a little extra improvement on the last ones. The worst thing is her mobility which isn't great at times, so something to talk to Adam about.

Lotte has been a joy. She plays a lot with Charlie, managing to annoy her, but also getting her up and about. She really is a bright spark. She loves to hug and presses her face into mine, with her paws round my neck.

Tommy is doing fine too. He loves his cuddles.

The new chickens have just about settled in with the oldies now. I got them 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and the last couple of days have been able to leave them roaming with the oldies and Annie Oakley.

The top photo is of Gently and Josephine (white one). Angie is in the bottom picture. Good news is Angie and Josephine have already started laying. Marvellous !! The 3 old ones are just over 6 years old now and surprise many people with their longevity. Must be all the grapes they are eating !!

I am still waiting for my tomatoes to ripen. There are 37 plants, loads of green tomatoes but not one ripe one.  Spuds have grown but am waiting a bit longer to start harvesting these. Plums - well, we have had these by the bucketful this year. Never had such a bumper crop ever. I have made 2 dozen pots of jam and chutney with more to be done this week with the last of them. Gosh I feel like a proper homely house Mum.

Well more later about the rest of the household.

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