My dogs

My dogs
All together in spirit: Back row L-R Gemma, Maddi, Bruno, Kizzy, Charlie and on front row L-R, TJ, Tommy, Sami, Lotte and Bliss. Maddi is the only one who knew all of the others.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lotte speaking now

Hi everyone,

Mum said it was my turn to blog today.

I have been here over 2 weeks now and its great. I've got loads of toys. Mum puts them in a pile at night and every morning I run round spreading them all over the place again.

I had my second jab this week - I didn't even pipsqueak. Mum and Dad said I was a really good girl. They took me to the shop to get a collar and lead - hmm, not sure about this yet. It's pink with love hearts on. Mum said she's never had a girly girl before but she thinks I am - Hahaha - little does she know eh?
Oh and I met 2 other puppies and 2 poodles -I was the friendliest. These people holding them made funny coo-ing noises at me, a bit like our doves that I love to chase. Ah yes, forgot to say that I am great at chasing unwanted pigeons away.

I am ever so good at lots of things. I get down and sit when I am told to.  Well, why wouldn't you when you get extra cuddles for being a good girl? Mum says I run like a greyhound - silly woman - I'm black for goodness sake !!

Oh and I upset Mum as I decided I wanted to sleep with Charlie instead of Mum - well Charlie has a sheepskin rug to lie on and I thought she needed company. Not sure she agreed like, but I did it anyway - got to share my love out.

The vet weighed me this week and I am 7.85 kg, so have put on 2.15 kg in 2 weeks. I am growing up fast. I can't win though, 'cos Mum says she doesn't want me to grow up too quickly or lose my puppy breath but you can't be growing up and still have puppy breath as well can you ?

bye for now - got to fetch another toy to play with for Mum, to keep her busy. No peace for us pups huh ?

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