My dogs

My dogs
All together in spirit: Back row L-R Gemma, Maddi, Bruno, Kizzy, Charlie and on front row L-R, TJ, Tommy, Sami, Lotte and Bliss. Maddi is the only one who knew all of the others.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tommy and his new Trainer

Yesterday, we had a dog trainer from Barkbusters to our house to give us advice with our Tommydog. Tommy has had "issues" since we got him and for the last 2 years that we had Maddi and TJ, he stayed in a separate half of the house to them which meant that Tim and I were split in two also. Well, sort of.

Well it is only 27 hours since Janet turned up to our house and already there is a minor miracle occurring. Tommy is already calmer, doing what he is told straight away and when a plumber came to the house today, he was angelic compared to how he has been.

I know it is early days and we both have to work consistently with Tommy, but it is actually exciting to think of what we might be able to do in the future with him. At first he seemed a bit frightened, but now we are seeing that he seems to be enjoying this and he is getting lots of praise with it also.

I have had dogs all my life without ever having a problem so it was hard for us to come to the decision to get more help for Tommy - we had tried a few things when he was younger and a couple of the people involved were not good at all and really unpleasant to Tommy. Tim was very sceptical. But he isn't now, not if you can get the right person and boy have we got the right person.

Whilst we only met Janet yesterday, she is returning in 2 weeks to do work more with us and I can only say that she is amazing. She clearly loves dogs and wants them to have good lives. I cannot praise her highly enough. Thanks Janet so much.

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